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Hendy Consulting has advised more than 74 players in the display industry, increasing the value of display businesses by up to 4x and helping GMs feel more secure in their direction in a complex industry, seizing new segment opportunities, sealing JDAs, marketing their technology and partnering with others to win

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Ian Hendy
Display Expert

Happy Clients

"Another important aspect of Ian's work is his complete integrity to the data. He will give you his true opinion, not what you might want to hear.
I would highly recommend Ian and his services

- Alain Harrus (ex-CEO Kateeva)

"I view Ian as a Secret Weapon for the display industry and highly recommend for any business leader looking to analyze opportunities and develop strong strategic growth plans"

- Justin Barrett, Eyesafe

"Ian is an exceptional professional in the display industry.

If you are working in the display industry there isn't a better advisor

- David Lewis, InZiv

Do you want a display expert on your team, someone with the background, connections and understanding of how to increase the value of display industry businesses?

(...as a CEO it is a lonely place trying to decide if you are going the right way and getting your fair share of value in deals with display players...working with an expert doubles your chances and opens new doors)

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Best practices from 20 years of helping display businesses grow...

  • Recognised Keynote speaker at display conferences.
  • Delivered over 200 projects for display related clients covering all parts of the display value chain from materials to capital equipment and across LCD to OLED to MicroLED and others.
  • Network of over 3000 professionals in the display space
  • Broad service offer from market entry strategy, partnering, marketing communications/PR, improvement of business plans, introductions and connections, JDA development and others
  • Regularly published author and expert for the SID Information Display Journal.

Ian Hendy - Display expert

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